• Blytic Economy

    Blytic Economy is a novel app that enables you to easily keep track the most important trends shaping our economy as well as make predictions and participate in discussions on hundreds of different real-time economic data points.

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  • Blytic.com

    Providing users with “at-your-fingertips” access to over 60 thousand data series, Blytic’s novel “Big Data” service offering allows users to access, manage and visualize real-time time-series data as well as author and publish time-series related analysis content anywhere on the web.

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  • Blytic Publish

    Embedded interactive visualizations have the power to tame complex data. Our technology employs the best Web 2.0 strategies enabling our data visualizations to effortlessly merge into host content while providing robust in-context interactive functionality.

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  • Kruntch.JS

    Kruntch.js is a simple, pure-JavaScript templating engine that allows you to efficiently generate text-based content from your JavaScript object model using a convenient and familiar template methodology.

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Preview Blytic Economy

With Blytic Economy's full-screen interactive charts, browsing economic data is fun, allowing you to dive right in and interact with a dynamic visualization using all the swiping, tapping and pinching gestures you expect from your mobile device.


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